Cover materials

Fabrics with light texture

With our wide choice of fabrics with a light texture, you can pick a perfect cover for a photobook of any content. Textiles are stylishly combined with various types of personalization of the cover (photo inserts, nameplates, etc.), which makes it possible to decorate the photobook cover for every taste.

Available fabrics colors

Fabrics with texture

A magnificent version of the cover for a photobook is a fabrics cover with a well-marked texture. Due the combination of the noble colors and this texture, any photobook will look stylish even without additional personalization.

Available colors of fabrics


We use only high-quality, wear-resistant eco-leather for the covers.  The advantage of this type of covers is the possibility to emboss the labels or images which widely extends the personalization variants. A wide color range allows you to choose the color for your own taste or up to the theme of your photobook

Matte eco-leather

Eco-leather cover of the high-quality perfectly suits a photobook and will keep your most important memories and events forever. With a wide choice of eco-leather colors you can easily pick up the color for the cover you like.

Glossy eco-leather

This type of eco-leather allows you to stamp with gold or silver foil on the cover of a photobook. Such beautiful design will stylishly complement the photobook and safely keep your most precious  memories.



Velor covers are a great option for photo books of any size or content. The soft and tender velor velvet is very pleasant to the touch. This is an ideal choice for children and family photobooks. You can add a velor cover to any design that you like ( stamping, metal nameplate, photo insert)

Available colors of Velor

Fine Art / linen

Fine art is the Italian fabrics with the texture of linen. This type of cover will suit wedding and family photobooks. Even without additional personalization the cover will look stylish and minimalistic. If necessary, the cover can be customized with different metal nameplates and photo inserts. If you want your photobook look delicate, then feel free to choose fine art.

Available options


Each of the wooden covers has its own unique wood texture. A photobook in this cover will look premium and will safely keep your memories for years. A wooden-cover photobook can become a real family treasure  you'll want to pass down through generations.


Book spread numbers: min 5, max 40


Possibility of placing the photo on the entire spread


Lay flat when open for seamless panoramic impact.


Types of photo paper

The chemical printing of the highest quality is used for the production of photobooks. You can select two types of photo paper:

Lustre is the kind of paper with a light texture and a small gloss level that will make your book sophisticated. This photo paper suits any occasion from wedding, travel, to professional portfolios.

Silk is a kind of photographic paper that has a distinct texture and perfectly presents the color and tone of the images. This photo paper is suited for printing wedding and family photobooks of the highest level, when every detail is extremely important.

Customization options of the cover
Metal nameplate
Simple photo insert
Photo insert with a mat
Possible placement of inserts*


* The placement of nameplates and stamping is possible in any variant: the photo insert with a passe-partout can be placed only in the center and a simple photo insert can only be placed in the last three variants


Options for nameplates
Cliches for stamping

It is also possible to make a stamping or a nameplate for your layout or prepare a layout personally for you.

Metal nameplate

Color options

Examples of  stamping

First spread and flyleaf design


Simple flyleaf


Flyleaf with a vellum


Without the flyleaf

Available colors




Please note that the color of your device may differ from the color of the finished photobook. This also applies to cover colors and photo prints. It all depends on many factors: at which lighting a photograph of a book was made, how it was processed, on what monitor you are browsing the site, under what conditions you are viewing a book, and so on